Road legal and ready for 90 days of fun in the sun.

Road legal and ready for 90 days of fun in the sun.
Mr & Mrs JB looking very pleased and rightly so..

Friday, 15 December 2017

Happy Christmas from Australia.

Happy Christmas from Australia.
These Austins cover a span of years
1949 Austin Pathfinder, 1960 Austin 101, 1968 Austin J40.
A Very Happy Christmas from Australia to all the blog readers.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Austin Morris get together.

We haven’t had our Van out as a Austin 101 for a while, so as a show was coming up, a quick conversion and a 101 it was.
We arrived at the show and Graham already had his nice pale blue JB Van there

And we found a 1920 Austin 20

It was nice that we had the AUSTIN Grill on that day. That was a "MUST HAVE" picture 

Monday, 3 July 2017

Morris Register of Victoria, 40th year celebration run.

We belong to the " Morris Register of Victoria," and the Club has just celebrated its 40th Birthday.
Some 25 old "Morris's" and 93 people celebrated with a run to the country for lunch. but ours was the only J Van.

Here are just some of the participants (The orange Flat nose Morris in the foreground was on the original founding excursion, and it lead the 40th excursion - both run's with the same driver/owner - now that is not bad!)

Friday, 23 June 2017

Rare Mercedes.

We recently took our Heinkel out to be in rare company.

This Mercedes is a 540K, and has a serious providence. – Less than 50 were made and there are said to be less than 5 remaining in the world. Mercedes lent this car new in 1936, (with a little persuasion from Adolph Hitler) to Ernst Heinkel. Its sister car was lent by Mercedes to Joseph Stalin. During the Second World War, the Mercedes was requisitioned by the Third Reich and used by Hermann Goering (The head of the German Luftwaffe)
Heinkel was a long standing plane making Company in Germany, and during the war they were known especially for their bombers. Directly after the war, as Ernst Heinkel was forbidden from making planes, he initially made scooters and then enclosed scooters -Bubble cars. The Red Kabine (ours) is a 1960 model, and the Yellow Kabine a 1964 model- here they all are with their proud owners.

This is real bit of history in Melbourne Australia, a long way from all three cars German deign origin