Road legal and ready for 90 days of fun in the sun.

Road legal and ready for 90 days of fun in the sun.
Mr & Mrs JB looking very pleased and rightly so..

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Historic Commercial Vehicle Show Pictures.

The Annual HISTORIC COMMERCIAL VEHICLE SHOW was on in Melbourne 24.11.2013 and the J Vans got together in force
A lot of history was on display but no other brand had 5 of a kind
The day was a bit damp, but we got 5 Vans - all different colour's.

From Left to right
John Brooksmith, Nick Fuller, Mike Slaney, Sandy Payet, Andrew Trollope
Three other Van apologized, as they couldn't make it

Lots of Trucks and Buses also there, and here is a selection

Old Buses.

And New Buses,

Large engines for new Buses

Ford Model T.

And Lots more

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Historic Commercial Vehicle show.

Gooday Boys
Next Sunday is the Historic Commercial Vehicle show again. We are looking for a better than last year’s 7-vehicle show. If we all turn up we will make it – so here is the call to arms!
The show opens 9.00 am, so if we all make it around that time or soon after, and see if we can get the same spot as last year, we can make history: THE BIGGEST J VAN DISPLAY OUTSIDE THE UK…
That should also get us a front page on the J-Register website, so we will be world famous.
It is also the 65th Anniversary of the J Van so it will be a fitting culmination for the year.
Well done for last year – we will get some better pictures of a bigger display this year
See you there, John Brooksmith