Road legal and ready for 90 days of fun in the sun.

Road legal and ready for 90 days of fun in the sun.
Mr & Mrs JB looking very pleased and rightly so..

Monday, 19 November 2012

Historic Commercial Vehicle Show Melbourne 2012

Historic Commercial Vehicle Show Melbourne 2012
Last year we managed to get 3 J Vans to the show, so this year we had to do something better
SEVEN  J vans together – what a sight – Apart from the UK National rally you can’t beat that
There was a Van sold on Ebay a few days ago, and we even had that van’s new owner (Bernie) come and witness the event – inspiration for him – 7 Vans & 8 Owners
Bernie's van will be at the show next year, we hope, no pressure then!!!
There were lots of old Busses and old cars as well, but no one but the J Group got 7 of a kind!
Even the backs look good.

British Bedford pick up.
Old Bedfords
Fire engines.
Two J's, Five JB's and 8 owners.
Where did that Blue Morris JB go?
Two John's with their respective JB and 101 vans.

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Moke came out for Remembrance Day.

We took our Army Moke for a ride today (It was feeling forgotten in the shed)
Today was Rememberance day, and there was Historic car racing at a local racetrack (Everything had to be 25 years old or more or it could not compete)
We were part of the Rememberance day  service, but the Moke didn't go racing!

1925 Bugatti

1927 Bugatti

Some of the Historic race cars.

Ready for the parade.

All lined up and ready for the race to start.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Morris club run.

We took the Van on a Morris Club run, and ended up at a Car Museum for a BBQ. The Museum was packed full of interesting items including a Messerschmitt the same as ours. (A page from the Messerschmitt owner’s manual was displayed beside the car, but that advice would no longer be politically correct)

A seizure of the engine during a journey occurs as follows:
The engine no longer pulls well and responds only slightly, or not at all, to the accelerator. The sound of the engine is different to usual and mounts to intense scraping noise which increases within the next two or three seconds until finally, and usually with a light screech, the engine stops.
However, this dangerous outcome can be avoided. lt is only necessary, upon noticing the fall in power and the scraping noise of the engine to immediately disengage the clutch and take the foot off the accelerator. By doing so the rear wheel is allowed to turn freely, and the engine immediately idles and thereby cools.
Should skidding occur, due to the clutch not being disengaged in time, then immediately de-clutch and continue to steer in the original direction of travel in order to check the skid. Let the vehicle roll t
o the side of the road, switch off the ignition, and wait until you have smoked a cigarette.  

On the journey home we called in on Paul (Jbvanman)
We hadn’t had our vans together before but they looked great. See his site for pictures  and video together with a Sprite!




Morris collection

Nash Metropolitan



Tuesday, 6 November 2012

We went to a Steam and Traction Engine Rally over the weekend. It was 
the 100th Lake Goldsmith Rally (200 km west of Melbourne Australia).
It certainly was impressive with Stationery engines, Traction engines, Steam Rollers, and Steam shovels and more. They were looking for 100 Traction Engines – We counted 48 vehicles in the Grand parade, and there were plenty more in sheds that never made the parade.
100 T steam shovel.

90 T Steam shovel

Fairground Traction Engine.

Imperial Oil Stationery Engine.

Little and Large.

Steam Car.

Steam Lorry.

Steam Boat.

Parade is about to start.
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Pedal power!