Road legal and ready for 90 days of fun in the sun.

Road legal and ready for 90 days of fun in the sun.
Mr & Mrs JB looking very pleased and rightly so..

Monday, 23 November 2015

Micro cars get-together .

We arranged for an "Isetta" and a "Bond Bug" to join our "Heinkel" at a show last weekend
It was a good show, and we drew a good crowd, but Micro cars always get attention. Was it the cars or just the nice splash of colour?

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Albert Park Lake reserve

Morris J Van get together
A number of Morris J Vans in Melbourne normally have an annual get together at the HISTORIC COMMERCIAL VEHICLE SHOW November each year.
This year the get together was in the Albert Park Lake reserve 25th October 2015
4 Vans were invited to be displayed at the MOTORCLASSICA show at the Exhibition Buildings and the day after there was a bigger get together. The unofficial chief of J Vans in the world, Harvey Pitcher, and his wife Bez from UK were in town. Harvey runs the web site Peter Bateman from Sydney was also in town. Between them they think they know of EVERY J van in the world.
And of course we had to have the compulsory shot of drivers (and if their van was not at the meet, the Grill).
Nine J vans, 5 J Van grills and 17 owners. Not a bad effort.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Ernst Heinkel’s personal Mercedes.

We recently had an opportunity to show off our Heinkel Kabine with Ernst Heinkel’s personal Mercedes.
In 1936 Daimler Benz lent this particular Mercedes, when it was new, to Ernst Heinkel. 
Ernst Heinkel used it till the outbreak of World War 2, and during the war the car was used as part of the Third Reich car fleet.

Only 122 of these cars (Mercedes Type 540K Cabriolet C) were made out of a total production run of 419 540K’s. This model of car was popular in its day with High Society, and owners included Jack Warner (of Warner Brothers Studios) and Grace Kelly. The car was described as “an international concept of beauty and speed” and was designed for high speed touring. 
This Mercedes 540K Cabriolet C was imported into Australia in 1989, and was involved in a dispute with the Australian Customs over its declared value. Eventually the car was auctioned by the Australian Customs 1994, and it has now been restored and lives in Melbourne Australia

Our Heinkel Kabine with the Boss’s car.