Road legal and ready for 90 days of fun in the sun.

Road legal and ready for 90 days of fun in the sun.
Mr & Mrs JB looking very pleased and rightly so..

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Gooday all,
Well I am disappointed.
Took the JB van to a show, to see the Cadbury's van, to be told that the Cadbury's Van was not coming. Insurance, payment, parking for the tray truck, - The guy organising it said "it was too hard in the end" and the Joyville Van was un-booked.
They will try again to get it for a proposed show on 6th October, for those outside Australia (it's going to be in a bigger park in suburban Melbourne).
Jb's Jb van hiding at the back of the Morris display.
Flinders St station (the big building in the background) is the main surburban railway station in Melbourne (That hasn't changed apart from a wash and a coat of paint) but on the left an new multi story building was built in the 60's, that has since been torn down, and Federation Square has been built. Federation square is a big open space, an art gallery and cafe's.
Flinders street station, mid 1950's. Thanks to A.T. for the picture.

Flinders street station May 2013, I hope to get the JB van in the same location as the above picture, for a real Now and Then moment. 

Let's hope we have some Joy with the Joyville van in October, it will be nice to catch up with it in the flesh.

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