Road legal and ready for 90 days of fun in the sun.

Road legal and ready for 90 days of fun in the sun.
Mr & Mrs JB looking very pleased and rightly so..

Friday, 1 October 2010

Purchased and brought home.

Views of the van in it's new home.

Australian chassis plate showing 45066 dating to approximatly late 1959 early 1960. But as no prefix has been stamped on it, we are not sure if its a rare Australian Austin 101 or a Morris JB. (with an austin grill).

Damaged body plate.

Replacement engine has been reconditioned, the original aluminium plate has been removed and  the new engine number stamped straight onto the cast iron block.

An Australian extra plate on the panel above the near-side windscreen.

Posing, showing off its original chrome bumper, a nice looking van.

Below are some pictures of the van some time ago.


  1. No more Mr Ice guy...

    Great to see it fit under the garage door!


  2. Lovely van John, its at the other end of the scale to mine!

  3. Gidday JB - Looks like a good score and a great van! Now enjoy!